Greetings! This site is in rebuilding mode, and I'm afraid you may not find it terribly interesting at the moment. I'll be migrating some content from the old version of the blog on a case by case basis, assessing each post for its current value and, more importantly, how hard I cringe when reading it today.

I choose to assume you are interested in hearing why I'm not doing a straight import of the old blog's archive. One big reason is that the old content had already been through a platfrom migration or two, and the text is littered with the markup fossils of old custom WordPress plugins, some fancy things I was trying to do with Django apps, all sorts of garbage. A proper migration will mean cleaning out the cruft.

Secondly, I'm not sure how valuable all of the content is. Its main focus was macro photography, and I'm just not sure how useful the old gear talk would be. Does anyone need a review of a Canon 40D in 2018? Probably no. Though there's plenty of good discussion about composition, macro technique, entomology, etc. so there's stuff worth keeping.

My next step to find the most efficient way to integrate my photo gallery with blog posts. I've had the same gallery on Smugmug for something over a decade, but this blog platform (Ghost) is new to me. So time to do some research and figure out how to make them play nice.

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